The role of the SENCo: an insider’s guide, with practical tips and tools for inclusion

© Gareth D Morewood 2010, Published by Optimus Education.
ISBN 978-1-907567-25-4; Foreword by Professor Klaus Wedell.

‘Gareth takes us through a year’s cycle as ‘Director of Curriculum Support’. He doesn’t only tell us what he does – and this is awe inspiring – he gives us the thinking and study behind his ‘strategic role’. 
Professor Klaus Wedell, Emeritus Professor, Institute of Education, University of London

This inspirational eBook is based on a collection of real diary entries. Written in an informal, personal style, it provides:

  • an insight into what is involved in the role of SENCo (inclusion manager, director of curriculum support, etc)
  • a supportive starting point for considering and dealing with some of the issues covered by the role
  • practical tools and tips for adapting and sharing in your school
  • a personal viewpoint throughout, to show how one SENCo is carrying out this vital role effectively and with success.

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