Autism and Education (Sage Major Work)

Humphrey, N., Bond, C., Hebron, J., Symes, W. & Morewood, G. (Eds.) (2015). Autism and education (Sage Major Work). London: Sage.

Research on autism education has seen rapid expansion in recent years and this worldwide trend shows no signs of abating. This body of knowledge is published in journals from a wide range of disciplines but this major work brings together seminal papers in a four-volume set with accompanying commentaries, to create an invaluable reference point for scholars.

The literature suggests that the experience of education for learners with an Autistic Spectrum Conditions is often markedly worse than that of their peers. Hence, scholarly work in this area focuses primarily on developing understanding and informing provision to improve outcomes and quality of life for learners with ASC, and is also the focus of this set.

Volume One: Key perspectives and themes in autism education

Volume Two: Peer relationships among learners with autism in the educational context

Volume Three: School, teacher and support staff issues in autism education

Volume Four: Improving experiences and outcomes of education for learners with ASC

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